Earth Elements & Potion Attend 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Featured

Janice hears the airline steward announce their descent into L.A. airport and thinks to herself, “This is the biggest market of my life!”  Only three weeks prior, this trip wasn’t even on the radar and now she and husband, Travis, are about to touchdown in Hollywood.

Janice Lenius, creator and owner of Earth Elements Farm Products and Potion Tattoo Aftercare, was invited to showcase her products at the Talent Lounge of the 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 15-17.

She was invited by Off The Wall Gifts, the producer of the official Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards Talent Lounge and Gift Bag.  The company researches up and coming brands on the Internet and Earth Elements from li’l ol’ Cherryville was spotted!

After being contacted by Val Wilson of Off The Wall Gifts, Janice was asked to send further info and samples.  She was then chosen as one of 11, out of thousands that applied.  When Janice questioned Val about Off The Wall’s interest, she was told: “We call it ‘The Oprah Effect’; paying it forward and giving deserving products a shot at being known.”
“Dragon’s Den was there, doing a follow-up story on the ‘sock-girl’, and was surprised to find us other Canadians there too.  They were shooting video clips to be shown on Dragon’s Den in September.”  

Conversation ensued and Janice has been invited to audition for Dragon’s Den in January, here in Canada.

“We were told to expect a slow start to the day, and then all of a sudden, in came a flood of stars with their entourages – daytime Soap Opera stars, Disney children actors … it was overwhelming.  They started trying our products, and then it got easy – they loved them!”

Janice showcased her Earth Elements Soy Stick lip balms, and Potion Tattoo Aftercare, which many stars with tattoos applied, before walking the red carpet!

The day continued with meetings and conversations with many people, including Alex Trebek of Jeopardy, and staff from MGM, naming just a few!

“I had had some nerves about how I was going to speak with these people, being such a small town girl; but everyone was so nice!”

Sunday was another busy day at the Talent Lounge.  Then at 2:00pm, everyone headed down to the Red Carpet for the Emmy Awards.  “We went down and watched the whole thing,” said Janice.  “Then Val Wilson tells us that she’s able to get us into the actual Awards!”

“It was like a dream!  George Lucas, Betty White, Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne, and so many others walked right by us – including Dr. Drew who tells me he loves my Soystick lip balm, which his assistant got from me the day before!”

Janice is now working hard to take advantage of all the promotional opportunities this experience has brought her and to be ready for the next stage of growing her business.

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